Choosing a CRM

If you are a business that holds much of its sales and customer information on spreadsheets like Excel we can help you choose a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system that fits your business requirements.

We work with you to analyse the requirements for your business and match you to the  most suitable software system. We then work with you to help you migrate all your existing spreadsheets and data to the new  

We add value by documenting and defining your workflow and put forward suggestions on ways you can improve and use automation or refine your processes.

We will project manage the migration and delivery of the CRM to get you up and running to an agreed timescale and budget.

Collecting data

Collecting data in your business is important not just for invoicing and record keeping but also to monitor and target your sales operations.

Clever business owners use specifically designed software like a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)  not only to store the information for later use but also to use that data to enhance the sales process or business procedures within the company.

Sales  Automation

Sales automation uses the data you have collected to create a  workflow that will initiate sales processes in your business.

These processes can be automatic like a personalised  email or a text message that your CRM or email management system sends out for you. Or the process can  create a worklist for your employees to initiate action, such as a salesman following up a telephone call or a list of appointments within a sales process.