Data Cleansing and Migration

Data Cleansing

Moving data from one software system to another requires careful planning and even more careful application. We model all the data between both systems and design a mapping procedure that can use software transformations or another piece of software in the middle to help with the migration.

Data can be imported and exported from systems using simple csv files or programatically using SQL procedures and statements for SQL based databases. We can apply transformations¬† and manipulation to “clean up” data at this stage. Typically, one would create a mirror of the original database to undergo all the data transformations and then schedule a go live/migration date.


Migration refers to moving data from one software system to another. Migrations need to be carefully planned to ensure there is little to no loss of service. We use Prince2 compliant project management procedures to manage migrations.


Getting different software systems to exchange information can be a tricky process. Some software comes with a  built in Application Programming (API) that lets you exchange information and export data to files.

We can help you use this API by designing and writing software to exchange data and building a project plan and data model that lets you do things like synchronise a CRM to an online shopping cart.